职业疗法      ergothérapeute      کار درمانی       трудотерапия       علاج وظيفي     lanbide terapia       radna terapija      terapia ocupacional     רפוי בעסוק      व्यावसायिक चिकित्सा      ergotherapie      terapia occupazionale      作業療法職業治療     작업 요법     εργοθεραπεία      terapiya pîşeyî          работна терапија       पेशागत उपचार       ergoterapi       terapia ocupacional        pracovné lekárstvo Beschäftigungstherapie      therapy shaqada      arbetsterapi     tiba ya kazi       อาชีวบำบัด      pracovní lékařství  iş terapisi      трудотерапія     foglalkozásterápia      Trị liệu nghề nghiệp                        தொழில் சிகிச்சை       терапияи мењнат       arbeidsterapie


Occupational therapy helps kids to acquire the skills to perform the activities of daily life.
Child may have developmental delay, difficulty to manipulate toys or difficulty to recognise objects. Child may be overly sensitive to sound, touch or movement and might have difficulties going up or down on stairs. Child can´t play with toys or with other children.


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